HOW IT WORKS offers a proprietary suite of internet-based software which enables equipment dealers to place otherwise idle equipment for rent through individual rental outlets. Acting as a conduit between Dealers and Renters, the website and software allows both sides of the equation to get exactly what they need.

Dealers Need:

  • Revenue streams not currently being generated by their idle equipment
  • Rental management expertise
  • Rental personnel
  • Rental software
  • Rental customers


Renters Need:

  • Large equipment they do not currently have available
  • The ability to locate available equipment within a specified geographic radius
  • The ability to make that equipment available to their existing customers
  • The ability to respond to customers' requests for large equipment immediately
  • The ability to deliver the requested equipment to a specified job site within a short window of time enables both Dealers and Renters to accomplish this on a real-time basis. Our technology acts as an intermediary, providing each party with a means of significantly enhancing business and revenue without the need for significant additional expenditures by tapping into, and expanding the use of, the available resources of each party.