Idle Equipment costing you money? Renting it is easier than you think.

Rental Operations Need Equipment: The Rental Industry is highly fragmented, with more than 10,000 operators in the United States alone. These operations have the expertise in rental necessary to successfully rent your equipment, but they often don’t have the capital to buy it.

The Market has Changed: Contractors who used to buy equipment were forced to rent it over the past several years. They are now comfortable with doing so and are continuing to rent.

We benefit from a team of equipment and rental industry professionals with more than 75 years of combined industry experience and equipment knowledge, What does this mean to you? We understand your business and the issues involved in renting the right piece of equipment to the right customer, for the right purpose, for the right amount at the right time.

No Need for Startup/Expansion Capital: Capital: Renting to a Rental Company, for re-rental to their customers, allows equipment owners/distributors to access the large and profitable rental market without spending tens of thousands of dollars to:

  • Hire and train additional staff (and provide medical insurance)
  • Acquire Additional Facilities
  • Conduct Familiarization and Safety Training for Customers
  • Buy Rental Software
  • Revise Accounting Procedures
  • Obtain Additional Licenses and Permits etc.
Pricing Power: You set your rental rates when you list your equipment with us. The fact that the rental company is requesting equipment through often means it isn’t available in the rental company’s local area – which creates pricing power. A rental company can charge an additional percentage to cover its cost/profit without impacting your rental rate. Safety and Security: You and your equipment are protected because:
  • We verify rental companies through a separate credit reporting agency and through the applicable Secretary of State’s office before allowing them to access our website or rent equipment.
  • Each rental company provides a certificate of insurance naming the owner/distributor as an “additional insured” and “loss payee” with respect to each piece of equipment rented.
  • Each rental company obtains a similar certificate of insurance from each of its customers.
  • All rental companies pay for the rented equipment in advance.
  • Additional third-party damage waiver insurance (for the owner/rental operator) is usually available at low rates, the charge for which can be added to the rental and passed on to the rental company and ultimately, the end-user.

Cost: You set your rental rates when you list your equipment with us.

Tax Advantages: Rented Equipment can be Depreciated (inventory held for sale cannot) and can be included in a “like-kind” (1031) exchange program.

Other Benefits: Through, you have access to a market covering the entire United States, rather than just your local area. Re-renting allows equipment owners to take advantage of rental companies’ expertise and familiarity with local issues, such as local laws, rules, regulations, and permitting requirements, as well as established rental insurance, maintenance and repair facilities, delivery vehicles, knowledgeable staff, training materials, local contacts, prior advertising, and established rental locations already known to potential customers.