Get the Equipment Your Customers Need Now Quickly and Easily

Rental Demand is Vast and Growing Rapidly:
The $30 Billion-Plus North American Equipment Rental Industry is expected to grow by over 50% by 2017 (to over $48 Billion).

Your Customers Need Equipment NOW:
We have thousands of dealers ready to rent equipment but they need your help.

Can You Get it NOW?
Contractors who used to buy equipment were forced to rent it over the past several years. They are now comfortable with doing so and are continuing to rent. Your market is growing, but do you have, or can you get, the equipment necessary to meet demand?

YES – And You Don’t Need Additional Capital: Renting from a Distributor or other Owner for re-rental to your customers allows equipment rental operators to access vast amounts of equipment without spending tens of thousands of dollars to:

  • Buy It
  • Ship It to Your Store
  • Manage, Maintain and Repair It
  • Account for It (Capitalization, Depreciation, 1031 Exchanges, etc.)
  • Teach Employees How to Rent and Track It
  • Teach Employees How to Conduct Familiarization and Safety Training
  • Obtain Additional Licenses and Permits etc.

Pricing Power: You set your rental rates with your customers (the owner doesn’t limit what you can charge your customers), making it possible to satisfy demand spikes and fill gaps in supply, all at advantageous rental rates.

Tax Advantages: Rented Equipment can be written off as an expense, rather than capitalized and depreciated, saving rental operators tens of thousands of dollars in taxes every year.

Other Benefits: Through, you have access to thousands of pieces of equipment throughout the United States, rather than just your local area. Re-renting allows rental operators to open new markets and access equipment they often couldn’t get before.